Our Middle Grammar School (5th to 9th forms)

Resulting from the number of pupils in the class, the good equipment and staff and the individual promotion, every pupil normally achieves the class goals better than at comparable schools.

As a matter of course we teach all disciplines according to the Hessian ministry of education’s curricula and assign them the prescribed amount of hours. Upon a teacher’s absence a qualified substitute is offered and is only rarely cancelled.

In addition to the curriculum prescribed by the state, our compulsory schedule includes the disciplines Modern Hebrew, a Sabbath ceremony on Fridays, computer classes for all children in the 5th form, Jewish history in the 5th-9th forms as well as a form teacher class for all forms once a week.

In the 5th and 6th forms our pupils are promoted intensively according to their talent and are prepared for the middle grammar school. All the children are taught together regardless of their school career recommendation. The tight cooperation between the school and the parents enables the intensive support and promotion of our pupils.

Barbara Dold-Pabst, Form director middle grammar school

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