We already school children in the age of 5 and give them the possibility to have a smooth transition from Kindergarten to school. Our reception is an extended first school year. Here preschool contents are linked with those of the first school year. The reception usually takes two years, but it can also be shortened to one year or extended to three. We can thus pick up your child in her current state of development and balance her path to a successful school track. We offer this option to all children born until the 31st of July each year.

Our reception includes E1 and E2. Depending on the number of pupils we have three to four classes a form. Every E1 class has an E2 class as a partner class. Learning units are planned and executed together according to their subjects. The Jewish holidays and traditions accompany us across disciplines and throughout the year. In order to facilitate a smooth transition to the primary school at the Philanthropin we start working on the contact to the primary school children early on in that we visit each other regularly.

Classes take place daily between 7.55 AM and 12.25 PM in E1 and 7.55 AM and 13.15 PM in E2. Following the school day the children can stay at the after school care centre in the same building until 17.00 PM. Every pupil is guaranteed a place at the after school care centre until 17.00 PM! During the Hessian school holidays the after school care centre offers a daily care option as well.

Our reception of the I. E. Lichtigfeld-School is situated at the Frankfurt Jewish community centre at the Savignystraße 66

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Diana Anshell

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