After the reception your child is wholeheartedly welcome at the Philanthropin at Hebelstr. 15-16 and can now pursue what she has already learnt. Especially the small classes with 20 children at most, the well- trained teachers and the friendly classrooms, lavishly equipped with modern technology, offer the children every possibility to learn with joy and success. For the individual care of every child we offer a wide range of remedial education as well as extra-curricular classes. The application of varied teaching methods guarantees that our well-trained teachers can recognise the strengths and weaknesses of each child early on and that your child will be optimally accompanied according to her possibilities and talents.

At our school children learn in an active, gradually independent, collegial and joyful manner. They thus discover their environment in an age-suitable way and learn to handle the increasing challenges of our modern world. The Jewish holidays and traditions accompany us in all disciplines and across all forms throughout the year. The tight contact with our middle school guarantees a smooth transition to the higher forms.

Our ports open for your children at 7:30. Classes begin at 7.55 and end at 13.15 on „short days“. Our children in the 2nd and 3rd forms have a “long day” until 15.30 once a week and in the 4th form twice a week (meaning regular classes take place until this time). The children then naturally receive a kosher lunch during their lunch break.

After classes we offer after school care until 17.00 (on Fridays until 15.00) through “Emuna Scheli”.

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Stefanie Klein

Stefanie Klein

Form director primary school

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